Top IBM Planning (TM1) and Cognos experts to maximise your investment

We provide near- and offshoring support for worldwide TM1 users. We do audits, licence cost optimization and guarantee you huge savings on S&S

Why you should definitely consider nearshoring

In short words, it’s the smartest way to cut costs of maintenance and upgrading of the advanced software such as IBM Planning Analytics (f.k.a. TM1) or Cognos Analytics. What’s more, outsourcing IT skills from a specialised company brings you the benefits of a longtime diverse business experience and a wide set of competence extending far beyond the basic use of tools. Unlike outsourcing in remote places nearshoring ensures a high level of expertise in technology, close cultural affinity, and similar time zone.

Poland is among the most trending nearshoring destinations for the European companies, and Incube can boast of the most prestigious Platinum Badge as the IBM Partner which makes us the top IBM experts in the country and one of the best in the continent.

Advantages of nearshoring

Optimised costs

We provide lower-cost experts without compromising quality

High skills

There’s no chance you’ll recruit the best Planning Analytics experts because they already work for us ;​)

Best practices

We’ve already done the mistakes your team are yet about to make ;​)

Response time

We have enough people to address your issues in real-time

Variety of talents

No matter how difficult the situation seems to be there is always someone who know how to handle it 

Additional expertise

It turns out that Planning Analytics is not enough? Keep calm, we’re familiar with the whole IBM analytics portfolio

New ideas

Let us take a fresh look, think anew and act anew

Close proximity

We’re just short flight away, always ready to meet and discuss

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