Was budgeting
a nightmare again?

We can help you!

Manage your budget effectively and conveniently with an intelligent platform supporting the creation of financial forecasts and plans


Budgeting in the constantly changing reality is exceptionally difficult

You still struggle with the limitations of spreadsheets

You have problems managing changes and deviations

You have insufficient control over the planning process

You want to manage planning efficiently, even during remote work

You need more accurate and faster forecasts

…then it is TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Try this modern AI-supported planning platform

We will implement an intelligent solution in your enterprise to help you adjust quickly to any situation and prepare for the unpredictable.

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) will let you overcome the limitations of manual budgeting and finally create coherent plans for the entire organization.


Users love this platform because it is flexible, fast and friendly to operate. You do not need specialist knowledge or skills to conduct a deepened analysis and increase the accuracy of your plans!

IBM Planning Analytics in numbers

time saved on budgeting
faster processing of the planning system
time saved on forecasting
average ROI
Conveniently create complex models, budgets and forecasts based on multiple data sources
Gain access to reliable information in real time
Use “what if” scenarios and create unfailing forecasts
Apply agile change management, also remotely and in emergency situations
Measure and monitor efficiency and the budget implementation degree
Provide security for your data, both locally and in the cloud

This time you will be prepared
for the unpredictable

Planning and budgeting when things change as dynamically as they do today poses a huge challenge to enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to provide tools that support the controlling processes and are based on 3 elements:


high frequency planning

to verify and change plans within a quarter

high accuracy

to ensure top precision of analyses, even if your plans become outdated every hour

high participation

to obtain data directly from the source and in real time

However, technology is only half the battle!

Choose a reliable partner — the Incube team!

We offer a unique combination: knowledge of industry and technology plus understanding of business needs
We apply the best practices which stem from over 10 years of our experience and the software manufacturer’s recommendations
Each of our solutions is based on the best technology available on the market
We wish to establish long-term cooperation with Clients, not to make them dependent on us. That is why our consultants closely collaborate with the Client’s subject matter experts and administrators to ensure successful transfer of knowledge
We provide perfect full service, post-implementation support and training for the Client’s employees

We have carried out over 100 projects for international corporations and leaders of industries

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