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Centralization of leasing management

Nearly 2,5 thousand employees in several European countries - this is how the Client can be presented in numbers. The company approached Incube CPM when it became apparent that the growth of its retail network is a challenge for it from the point of view of settling an increasing number of leasing contracts. The application we proposed replaced the previously used Excel files, facilitated data consolidation and improved the flow of information. Leasing management has become so efficient that the company can prepare monthly statements instead of quarterly.

Leasing management tailored to customer needs

ILA16 is an application created by Incube CPM in response to the obligation imposed on entrepreneurs to settle leases in accordance with the IFRS 16 standard (International Finance Standard). While working on the proprietary product, we focused on making it easy to use and compatible with other tools in addition to meeting top-down requirements. That's why we took the time to refine each element. The result of our efforts is software based on IBM Planning Analytics, allowing full customization with basic OOTB (out of the box) functionality, without any compromise in data analysis.

The client wanted to have a tool that would process data from external systems, and the ILA16 specification allows just that. That is, data from all countries with leased facilities flows into the clearing center, located in Poland. Individual countries are accounted for in the local currency and then group consolidation is done in the group currency.

The most important benefits: Eliminating mistakes and saving time

The leasing agreement settlement model used by the Client before the implementation was inefficient. The reports were based on Excel files. Independent documents for each country required manual compilation and comparison. The amount of data as well as the software used for their analysis did not positively affect the accuracy of the results. An additional aspect increasing the risk was the human factor. It was the responsibility of employees of company's critical departments to consolidate the records. Currently, leasing management at the Client does not require such a large amount of human work and time. The user was given a comprehensive platform to carry out the entire process. And also a guarantee of its repeatability.

- Each subsequent interaction requires less and less time in terms of checking and control. If the settlement is correct the first time, it will be correct for the second and each subsequent time. The time savings on the client side are significant. Tasks that took a week to complete are completed over the course of one day. And we managed to achieve all this during the 3-month implementation - explains Team Leader Maciej Filutowicz.

Leasing management based on reliable data

During the implementation of the system, it turned out that the data so far had been underestimated The reason was the inadequacies of the tool used. The ILA16 system, proposed by Incube CPM, made it possible not only to catch errors, but also to correct them. The transfer of leasing management from Excel to software using IBM Planning Analytics in this project was a hit.

- The results are now more accurate When settling the same data in the "old" and "new" way, it turned out that we reported different values. There was a difference significant from the customer's point of view - emphasizes Maciej Filutowicz.

The reliability of the data and the speed of their computation allow for changes in the reporting frequency. Quarterly summaries can replace monthly summaries. Which on an annual basis will result in more precise control and in-depth financial analysis.

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