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We combine technology and finance thanks to FP&A tools

We are a boutique consulting company specializing in streamlining financial and management reporting, budgeting, modeling and financial consolidation processes (FP&A). We implement modern systems from the world's best manufacturers. Discover the wide range of solutions and our #boutiqueforCFO
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We help CFOs save time and gain access to consistent data in the FP&A area

We are a leading technical and substantive advisor in planning, budgeting, financial analysis, financial consolidation and reporting (including ESEF and ESG reporting). Our consultants will help you select and implement for you the right IT tool to carry out the transformation of finances in your company. In our #boutiqueforCFO you can find the best solutions available on the market: IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Controller, IBM Cognos Analytics, OneStream, Lucanet, CDM (Insight Software), Anaplan, or Qalcwise.

We are experts at automating the above processes regardless of the technology chosen.

Advisers and consultants you can rely on

Over 15 years of
300+ projects
for industry leaders

Incube consultants provide real added value in the transformation of FP&A processes in your company. Learn about our main areas of operation:

By leveraging leading FP&A technologies and our expertise, we are ready to modernize the entire planning cycle: from choosing a methodology (bottom-up, top-down, rolling forecast, zero-based budgeting), establishing a budget process and schedule, and building a planning model, to reporting and analyzing performance deviations. Our unified solutions overcome the limitations of using legacy systems or Excel. Users of our solutions have more confidence in the data, more time to analyze, draw conclusions and make recommendations.
We are involved in the process of creating the ESG report at every stage - from concept and strategy, through the data collection model and implementation of the tool to automate the process. Our Incube ESG tool is a flexible solution that aligns with GRI, IIRC, UNGC and other guidelines. We integrate different sources of data, from different areas in the company, and present them in one coherent report. With our solution, you will face the challenges of the lack of ESG taxonomy.
We provide modern, professional software, technical and substantive support, facilitating the full process of period closing and financial consolidation for any group structure. Our solutions allow you to deliver full financial results on time, create financial and management reports, and provide the CFO with insight into key financial indicators.
You can automate simple financial processes without implementing system solutions. Qalcwise is an innovative SaaS platform for agile application development available in the cloud. Qalcwise's business applications will allow you to meet the needs of your finance department with the flexibility of a spreadsheet, while providing enterprise-class scalability and workflow.

Answer 3 questions:

  • Do you feel that preparing a report or closing the month takes too much time and requires a lot of manual work?
  • Do you trust the reported data and are able to explain deviations and differences?
  • Is your organization able to prepare as many budget iterations as the business requires? Or only as much as is technically possible?

CFOs will find everything with us:

  • We turn loose excels into a coherent data model and systematize the "workflow" process. Thus reducing the time you spend on "manual" analysis and data collection
  • We are independent of technology and in the process of transforming your finances, we advise you on choosing the best tool to meet your needs
  • We are not just an IT company, our consultants implement FP&A/CPM technology, but are also certified in the areas of accounting, finance and bookkeeping

How we optimize FP&A processes

Incube Consulting
  • We advise on the choice of solution
  • We implement comprehensive projects from selection and delivery of licenses through implementation, training and subsequent maintenance of the solution
  • We carry out implementations using agile (Agile) or traditional (Waterfall) methodologies
Incube Education
  • We conduct proprietary workshops on the technologies offered
  • We provide training for technology producers leading to certification
Incube Support
We offer three levels of support:

  • Ad-hoc inquiries - ad hoc support for the customer's team
  • Support with SLA - support for the client's team in maintaining and developing the solution with guaranteed SLAs
  • Managed Services - we take responsibility for the entire FP&A solution. Our dedicated consultants work directly with the client's end users

Customers ABOUT US

quote_upThe implementation of the cost planning and budgeting application was our first encounter with IBM Cognos. The process was smooth - Incube implemented the tool within two months. The system allows us to plan both capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX), allocating them accordingly.quote_down
- Mariola Glezman -
quote_upThanks to the new system, we have access to higher quality data that is easier to retrieve. As a result, our reports are more precise. The process of creating them has also been shortened, allowing us to dedicate more time to verifying and interpreting the data we receive, as well as analyzing the generated reports.quote_down
- Dariusz Gołębiewski -

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