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Get tools for full data collection and ESG reporting. Our experts will advise you on choosing the right software, implement it and fully adapt to your needs. We know that reporting sustainable development/ESG is a complex process affecting many areas in your company, which is why we help.

We are experts in non - financial reporting and we have been expanding our offer in this area for many years.

Factors affecting ESG reporting:

  • Climate change
  • Pollution
  • Water consumption and sea resources
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Waste and closed circuit economy
  • Employees in the organization including diversity and inclusiveness, equal opportunities, development, health, and security
  • Employees in a value chain
  • Society
  • End consumers and users
  • Sustainable development management
  • Strategy
  • Assessment of the impact, risks, and opportunities related to sustainable development
  • Business ethics
  • Counteracting corruption
  • Management of relationships with suppliers

CSRD directive

In November 2022, the Council of the European Union finally approved the directive on the reporting of enterprises in the field of sustainable development (CSRD).

The entry into force of new reporting obligations is spread over four stages:

The European Advisory Group for Financial Reporting (EFRAG) is responsible for developing European Sustainable Development Reporting standards (ESRS). The European Commission will adopt the final version of these standards through an act delegated in June 2023.

Our ESG reporting tools provide:

Narzędzia do raportowania ESG
Our tools are flexible solutions that we are able to adapt to the guidelines of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Framework) and UNGC (UN Global Compact). We integrate and present in reports data and requirements contained in various documents, e.g. ISO 26 000 standards, Sustainable Development Goals or other documents included in the ESG strategy in your company.
We are involved in the process of creating the ESG report at every stage of the process-from conception and strategy, through the data collection model and implementation of the tool to automate the process (IBM Planning Analytics, Qalcwise), measurement of results, ending with the final, visual report (Certent CDM).

The most important challenges regarding the usability and effectiveness of ESG reporting*

46 percents
No link between ESG reporting and financial information
41 percent
No real-time information
41 percent
There is no information on how the company creates long-term value
37 percents
Lack of focus on the really important aspects
37 percents
No forward-looking disclosures
* based on the Deloitte Sustainability Consulting Central Europe 2021 report

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