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Nearshoring for FP&A solutions
OneStream, IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), Anaplan and Lucanet

Nearshoring is an approach to business when a third-party company provides specific services from a different geographic location, which is relatively close to the company's area. See what nearshoring activities we can offer you to improve the processes related to the implementation and maintenance of enterprise performance management tools in your company.
Poland is among the most trending nearshoring destinations for European companies, in particular IT outsourcing, and Incube can boast of partnerships with many suppliers of the best FP&A/CPM class technologies.

We have the prestigious Platinum Badge as an IBM Partner, which makes us the leading IBM expert in the country and one of the best on the continent, and the Silver OneStream Badge - and year by year we increase our experience in this area.

We provide near and offshoring support and development services for best in class FP&A/CPM technologies. Including staff augmentation, first line support servicedesk with high SLA, model audits and project implementation services. We also assure licence cost optimization and guarantee considerable savings on S&S.

What we can offer in FP&A/CPM nearshoring:

Protect & implementation services
Protect & implementation services
Expertise in IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), Onestream, Lucanet, Anaplan and more
Protect & implementation services
On-going development
We are able to always improve your model by building new applications and improving existing ones
Protect & implementation services
Suport 24/7
We keep everything working, stay close at hand, fix bugs ASAP and increase software performance constantly
Licensing health check and cost optimization
Sytem fine-tuning
We test yous system performance, find bottlenecks and solve them
Protect & implementation services
Licensing healthcheck and cost optimization
We can check if what you got is what you really need and recommend some actions to optimize license and s&s costs

Why you should definitely consider FP&A/CPM nearshoring

Nearshoring it’s the smartest way to cut costs of maintenance and development of advanced software such as IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), OneStream, Anaplan and Lucanet, while maintaining at least the same level of service. What’s more, outsourcing IT skills from a specialized company brings you the benefits of a longtime diverse business experience and a wide set of competence extending far beyond the basic use of tools.

Top 10 IT outsourcing destination in Europe *

8United Kingdom
* 2014 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index ranking