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Certent CRM from insightsoftware.

Incredible ability to prepare consolidated ESEF reports in Inline format XBRL ( iXBRL ).

Try it in your company!
Insightsoftware is a technology provider for financial planning and analysis ( FP&A ), budgeting and reporting. His proposal, the Certent program CDM is one of the available Disclosure Management tools. Incube CPM has already discovered an unrivaled application and its capabilities - we recommend it without hesitation. The numbers speak for themselves - over 2,500 companies around the world report with Certent Disclosure Management!

Get to know Certent CDM (Certent Disclosure Management - the industry's only comprehensive solution for managing financial reporting for public and private companies, built based on the Microsoft Office suite. Together with insightsoftware technology, it constitutes a harmonious duo. The tool meets all the requirements set out by the taxonomy of IFRS 16 (International Financial Reporting Standard) - but not only that.

Certent CDM is a salvation for the finance department, especially at the end of financial periods. Helps you stay in control of frequently viewed and repeated reports. Files can be opened and edited for publication anywhere - not just for regulatory and statutory reports, as was previously the case. To increase compliance and reduce the risk of error, the tool connects to multiple data sources and generates values almost instantly. Enough of time-consuming, manual, and error-prone disclosure activities!


Protect & implementation services
Accelerated reporting – cut the time spent creating reports by half
The tool will allow you to easily create and format regulatory and narrative reports, internal and external. Automatically forward documents (to the next period) - this will help compress production cycles. Share content from multiple reports by distributing them in a variety of output formats, including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and XBRL/ iXBRL.
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Accurate and reliable management – regardless of the degree of change
Strong access controls and single sign-on ensure that only authorized users can edit and approve a given report. The audit trail allows you to check who made what changes, when, and what. Workflow streamlines and accelerates an error-free production cycle - this correctness is ensured by "guidance" from process tasks and checklists.
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Seamless integrations
Data from individual documents are combined - there is only one version of the truth, which enables consistent, comprehensive reporting. Direct connection to source data and the ability to add links to files help in integrating information. Refresh the data at any time - the report will automatically update, which reduces the risk of errors that plague manual reporting processes. The tool reduces risk, costs, and inaccuracy of information.
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ESEF consolidated financial statements at a high level
Certent program CDM allows you to create iXBRL and XHTML reports in one solution. Meets all technical requirements from ESEF (Single European Reporting Format).
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Easy, efficient downloading and updating of data
The tool allows you to download and update the latest data from various source systems (most often ERP, CRM, and Excel systems) - places where a given organization collects data. This happens automatically and dynamically. Correct, up-to-date data is the basis for completing financial reports.


What does the Certent CDM program face?

The Certent CDM tool brings speed, accuracy, and consistency to the labor-intensive, difficult-to-audit, error-prone process of creating reports, reports. It has to deal with:

What does the Certent CDM program face?

Certent Disclosure Management (Certent CDM - unlike many competing solutions - provides automated, self-service, and reliable processes. Automatically creates and pre-populates a report for the next reporting period. Introduces tagging Inline XBRL ( iXBRL ), which allows you to save time (especially valuable when a given reporting period passes). The unique solution facilitates the preparation of management reports and internal presentations, ultimately streamlining the entire financial reporting of the company.

Certent Disclosure Management is a world-class tool. It ensures efficient cooperation between files and fast workflow. It sends automatic reminders and notifications to system users - while ensuring that everyone completes their tasks following the assumed goal. It also enables convenient auditing, maintaining a full record of changes made.

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