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A simple way to digital transformation, without coding and IT support.
Qalcwise platform, which will quickly and efficiently automate and improve business processes in your company. It presents a completely new approach to spreadsheets. Transfer processes managed manually, on paper, and in Excel to intuitive no-code applications - without time-consuming and expensive implementations. You can create applications yourself or choose a template that you can adapt to your requirements in a few clicks (ready-made programs can be found on Qalcwise Marketplace). Configuration and implementation of the application will only take a few days!


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The simplicity of the tool
Working with Qalcwise is intuitive. You work with familiar spreadsheets, word processors and drag-and-drop elements. Customize the app in just a few steps!
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Built-in database
The Qalcwise tool has a built-in database. All you need to do is drag and drop the modules or import them from another system. You can expect the convenience of editing and updating data (bi-directionally).
Protect & implementation services
Transparent workflow
The no-code tool has a clean layout. Define any workflow. Assign specific people to tasks, give them access and set permissions. Keep an eye on the progress of work. Know what's going on - always!
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Reports on demand
Analysis in no-code applications is simple and efficient - current and complete data is in one place. Dashboards not only display information but also update it automatically. Generate clear reports in any cross-section – whenever you need it.
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Easy integrations based on modern API
Integrate no-code programs with any tool or system (e.g. CRM). Gain unlimited possibilities of work automation. REST API gives you the ability to download, send, and update information - both in databases and applications. Fill gaps, and expand with new functions.
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Secure cloud
You no longer need to invest in IT infrastructure and installations. You log in via your browser and go! The tool ensures a high level of security of user and application data. Implemented functions appear here, e.g. SSO, data encryption, and access controls.
Protect & implementation services
Unrivaled performance, flexibility, and agility
Handle any complex processes and multiple data sources. Ensure efficient and stable operation of hundreds of thousands of users. Adapt the no-code application yourself to changes in just a few clicks. Developing your company and business processes is no longer time-consuming and expensive!
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Mobile, efficient communication between users
Get quick access to information everywhere (the application works on any mobile device). Complete your tasks wherever you are. Get a new way to communicate - manage collaboration and notifications without leaving the application. Improve the flow of information!


Where can Qalcwise be used?

No-code applications support B2B or B2E processes.. They guarantee safe, efficient, and effective work. They automate all stages of the business process - not only the circulation of documents and tasks. Qalcwise can help you in areas such as:
Finance and accountancy
Finance and Accounting
Accountants are constantly in contact with balance sheets, transfers, reports, VAT returns and settlements. A no-code application can help you simplify and synchronize accounting procedures, handling documents and invoices.
Legal deparment
Legal Department
Lawyers employed in the company must have constant contact with files and codes. They can't know them all by heart. The no-code solution helps you create an application with a list of legal regulations (not only Polish but also European and local).
Purchasing department
Purchasing department
Sales representatives and purchasers mostly work mobile. Using no-code, you can create an application for negotiating commercial terms with suppliers (e.g. during trade fairs), and registering offers and purchase orders.
HR / Payroll
The HR department has many responsibilities. A no-code recruitment application would enable automation of the recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding processes. Professional workflow and the ability to create various reports will help many employees of this department.
The administration department is usually responsible for document circulation, incoming and outgoing correspondence, invoice settlement, and document control. No-code solutions enable the creation or adaptation of EOD (Electronic Document Circulation) to the needs of a given company.
Sales/provision of services
Mobile salespeople almost always use technology to carry out their tasks. No-code applications for selling goods and services (e.g. interactive calculators, forms) will allow you to build sales and a professional image of the company, and control the activities of employees.
Health & safety
Health & safety
The Health & Safety department is related to occupational health and safety. If there are any updates or novelties in this area, a no-code application will be necessary, which will allow employees to quickly become familiar with the amendments and speed up the process of implementing new rules.
Project Management Offices are established in larger corporations where many IT (and other) projects are implemented. No-code solutions allow you to add functions to your project management application, such as: creating Gantt charts and communicating with the team.
Controlling the proper functioning of the company and assigning tasks is very difficult. For example: a no-code application for managing corporate resources will help you record equipment, order equipment, place orders, manage office space, and plan meetings.
Marketers advise management staff and create a marketing strategy aimed at promoting the company on the Internet and in the real world. No-code applications will be useful for team management, production, promotion, content creation, and e-commerce.
Environmental protection
Environmental Protection
Private enterprises, associations, and offices are often faced with the need to enforce Polish and EU environmental protection regulations. It is worth choosing no-code applications with lists of legal and constitutional regulations.
In the IT industry, there is an increasing need to create MVP (Minimum Viable Product), i.e. the simplest and most basic versions of the product. The no-code solution therefore allows you to quickly and easily create, for example, a prototype of a new application or website.
Construction is not the first stage, it starts with designs and paperwork. Mobile no-code applications for construction began to automate various tasks and relieve construction managers of routine activities, e.g. digitization of documentation, deduction, and settlement of resources.
Retail / Retail
No-code retail applications are dedicated to retail chains and stores. Their task is usually to improve processes in the store, e.g. accepting a delivery, preparing an order, and taking inventory.
Transport and logistic
Transport and logistics
Mobile no-code applications help workers in the transport and logistics industry make everyday activities easier. These may include, for example, currency converters, specialized dictionaries with important terms for the industry, and time zone converters.
Customer Service/Services
The Customer Service department deals with customer service while using the company's services, as well as after purchasing the service or product. Examples of no-code applications are various types of messengers, surveys, or programs that collect services for customers.
Call centers
Call center
A call center is a department to which customers of a given company report problems or complaints. The no-code solution allows you to create applications that facilitate navigation in the call center system (it must have e.g. backup, dedicated functions and modules, work monitoring, tickets).

Use your Excel skills to build integrated applications without coding

Awareness of the limitations of spreadsheets and excellent knowledge of business needs prompted the creators of the Qalcwise platform to create a platform that will be the answer to problems with process automation. Qalcwise is a no-code tool for building business applications. Its operation is as simple as using spreadsheets. It has unlimited possibilities!

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