A simple way to digital transformation, with no coding, no code and no IT support

Learn about the Qalcwise platform that automates your company's processes quickly and efficiently.
Get surprised! Learn a whole new approach to spreadsheets and use them to streamline your business processes. Move processes managed manually, on paper and in Excel to intuitive no code applications. Without time-consuming and costly implementation. Create an app yourself or choose a ready-made one and customize it with a few clicks (for ready-made apps, look at Qalcwise Marketplace). It will only take a few days to configure and implement the application!

Qalcwise brings all tasks managed in spreadsheets and documents into an easy-to-use application.

The applications support any B2B or B2E processes and ensure safe, efficient and effective work. They automate all stages of the process, much more than just the flow of documents and tasks. Qalcwise can help you in various areas:

Why is it worth choosing Qalcwise?

Use your Excel skills to build integrated applications without coding.

Awareness of the limitations of spreadsheets and excellent knowledge of business needs prompted the creators of the Qalcwise platform to create a platform that will be the answer to problems with process automation. Qalcwise is a business application development platform that is as easy as a spreadsheet, but has limitless possibilities.

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