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IBM Cognos Analytics

A universal business analysis solution powered by AI
Prepare reliable data and reports!
IBM Cognos Analytics is a unique tool that you will use for data modeling, exploration, and prediction. Get to know the most important features and functions of the application! Find out how you can transform your finances. Incube CPM, as the largest IBM partner in Poland, recommends using the tool in combination with other compatible programs: IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Controller.

IBM Cognos Analytics makes financial analytics available to all authorized users, helping your employees make better business decisions. By using this tool, you will conclude the data faster. Ask questions in natural language to get the answers you need - this will help you cope with any challenge. Share your observations and results with colleagues – wherever they do their work. Explore data with automatic exploration, visualization, and interaction.

IBM Cognos Analytics is a perfect solution for companies that focus on instant access to data, detailed analyses and predictions. Easy access to business reports located on one portal encourages use. Create dashboards for your sales team and business owners with UI interfaces. Forget about point technologies - an integrated, modular analytical platform, supported by AI, awaits you. It allows you to quickly obtain reliable, high-quality data and insights, on-premises or in the cloud.


Protect & implementation services
Faster data preparation
Built-in artificial intelligence will help speed up and improve data merging or finding optimal tables for a given model. Manage information.
Protect & implementation services
Automate data mining
Discover hidden trends and drivers – with the help of AI. Knowing them will enable you to learn the facts behind the data and provide information in real time.
Protect & implementation services
Visualize and report data
Create advanced visualizations, tell the story of your data. Share insights via email, Slack , or another mobile app.
Protect & implementation services
Scale and integrate
IBM Cognos Analytics enables you to combine advanced analytics with financial analysis, which provides essential assistance in everyday business operations. Take advantage of the new opportunities this tool gives you.
Protect & implementation services
Protect your data
Your data will never reach an unauthorized person or be misused. You will achieve security thanks to controlled, self-service analytics that adapts to your requirements.
Protect & implementation services
Operational analytics
The tool gives you a full range of analytical capabilities in one environment. Reach for the latest, accurate data that will be useful for optimizing business processes - from the supply chain to HR activities.


Where can IBM Cognos Analytics be used?

Finance is the most popular sector with which IBM Cognos Analytics is automatically associated. However, as you will see below, it is not the only one. It helps, among others: IT, HR, sales, production and logistics, customer service, and administration departments. What are some examples of the tool's features?

Why IBM Cognos Analytics? Why IBM?

More and more companies are moving away from descriptive decision-making methods and moving towards predictive, normative techniques. Entrepreneurs learn to respond better to disruptions and rapid business changes. However, it will only be possible to translate data into meaningful action when information is used appropriately.

IBM wanted to create a tool that would help make business decisions faster and more confidently. This is how the IBM Cognos Analytics application was created - a comprehensive solution for financial analysis, analytics and reporting. Safe, ideal for creating dashboards, analysis and reports, with advanced data exploration capabilities, placed on a secure platform... IBM Cognos Analytics will quickly become your right hand.

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