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IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)

A modern AI platform for financial planning and budgeting
Incube CPM is the largest IBM partner in Poland in sales and implementation of FP&A tools. We are the only company with the Platinum Business Partner status - what's more, we have maintained it for many years. We implement tools: IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Cognos Controller. We recommend using them together - this will give better data integration results.

IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated, AI-powered planning and budgeting tool. Artificial intelligence combines the simplicity of spreadsheets with a gigantic database. The application can be used on your servers (on-premise), or the cloud. IBM Planning Analytics will solve all your financial planning and budgeting problems!

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) in numbers.

Time saved on budget preparation
Faster processing of the planning system
Time saved on preparing forecasts
Average ROI

What is IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)?

IBM Planning Analytics is perfectly integrated with popular top-shelf ERP tools, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and JDE. IBM PA has two interfaces for managing the numerical data import and export process:

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

(standard online interface)

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

(classic spreadsheet interface)
Both interfaces can be used simultaneously and freely switched between them, and they cooperate with ERP systems operating on one database.

Each interface is based on the IBM TMI1 mechanism, which operates on internal memory (in real-time). It is a stable computational mechanism, that allows you to build detailed and multidimensional models for data analysis.

IBM Planning Analytics, a powerful, multi-level database, and an extremely efficient computing engine, will cope with growing amounts of data and complex business scenarios. IBM PA allows you to develop a comprehensive picture of your organization's performance. With its help, you can create reliable financial analysis - regardless of the origin of the business data (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Benefits of IBM Planning Analytics technology

Protect & implementation services
Performance better than ever before
Automate and streamline manual, repetitive tasks with AI features. You will save time and finally start developing your business.
Protect & implementation services
Help in making long-term decisions
Create extensive plans and forecasts based on data. The multi-dimensional database provides real-time insight. Making strategic decisions has never been easier.
Protect & implementation services
Data protection
The tool has built-in security measures (data encryption, access control). Only authorized people have access to specific information - strong emphasis on the role of each user. All data will be maximally secured.
Protect & implementation services
Customizable interface
Tailor solutions and workflows to the needs of your company. A specific system will enable you to perform various activities, e.g. accepting the introduction of new products to the domestic or global market.
Protect & implementation services
Scalability and development
The TM1 computation engine can handle a lot of data. It has been integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. It helps in data analysis, scenario planning, and forecasting accuracy.
Protect & implementation services
Resistance to change
One source of truth is that everything in business will change. With our tool, you don't have to worry about disruptions - manage changes agilely, even in emergency situations, remotely.

Functionalities of IBM Planning Analyticstechnology

Who will benefit from IBM PA?

A tool that will help your company spread its wings

IBM Planning Analytics provides unlimited access to data from multiple sources. The built-in computing engine (TM1) is also a database that quickly handles large sets of information and provides real-time insight into it. Multidimensional analyses are possible! With IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), you'll overcome the limitations of manual budgeting and finally create consistent plans for your entire organization.

As Incube CPM, we will implement an intelligent solution in your company that will help you quickly adapt to any situation and prepare for the unpredictable. Our users value this platform for its flexibility and speed. You no longer need specialized knowledge or skills to perform in-depth analysis and increase the accuracy of your plans.

Case studies – what has been achieved?

Increased operational efficiency
Mawgif increased operational efficiency by 10% by optimizing revenue and efficiency. This was achieved through real-time data analysis and management.
Faster reporting
The Argentine government commissioned ICBC Argentina to shorten the time of stress tests ( TWS, stress test). With IBM Planning Analytics, the time was reduced from four weeks to two weeks. This means a time saving of 50%.
Less effort when forecasting
Novolex – by constantly adapting and implementing the tool – shortened the six-week forecasting process to less than a week. This represents a reduction of 83%, despite various changes.

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) is not only
a planning and budgeting platform but also solutions: