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The intelligent platform for finance. Overcome the complexity of planning and reporting by unifying your financial processes!
Incube CPM has a strategic partnership with OneStream Software, which has created an intelligent platform with a similar name. The agreement aims to transform enterprise performance management (CPM) processes in advanced companies around the world. OneStream is a tool we can recommend without hesitation.

OneStream offers an extensible platform that gives companies new opportunities. Create original business solutions directly on the virtual plane. A single, inconspicuous tool unifies enterprise performance management (CPM) processes, i.e. planning, consolidation, reporting, analytics, and financial close. Unleash the power of finance with OneStream!

The tool can have various uses. For example: the OneStream Intelligent Finance platform is correlated with the OneStream MarketPlace platform (in this particular case, there is an option to expand it with over 50 solutions easily - tested, optimized, and ready for download). Deliver exponential business value by unifying financial and operational processes and data. Deal with silos of CPM software, spreadsheets, and point solutions.


Protect & implementation services
Financial close and consolidation
Streamline financial close and consolidation while meeting complex global accounting and reporting standards. Enjoy a quick insight into your financial and operational performance.
Protect & implementation services
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
Flexibility in planning – you can achieve it thanks to the support of one, unified OneStream tool. Take care of comprehensive strategic, financial, and operational planning. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.
Protect & implementation services
Reporting and analytics
OneStream is a single platform for financial, statutory, and management reports and analyses. Deliver the right information in the right format at the right time.
Protect & implementation services
Financial data quality management
Increase your confidence in your financial and operational results. Eliminate "black box" integration processes. Unify and check data from multiple sources. Make important business decisions based on accurate financial and operational results.
Protect & implementation services
Analytical services
The tool enables reliable financial analysis of large amounts of operational data from various sources. Analytics helps detect trends and financial warning signals that significantly impact making informed decisions about financial speed.
Protect & implementation services
Exchange of solutions
One of the most interesting services from OneStream is the OneStream Solution Exchange platform. The tool allows you to expand your selected investment with over 75 ready-made business solutions. Promotes productivity.


Key benefits

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