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Business analytics in cloud

17 May 2022 | EN

Business analytics is a fundamental element for many companies and data has been their main driver for years. Data is used to build business models which help to gain a competitive edge. In order for the data to be truly useful, they need to be acquired, and properly analysed and only based on such analyses decisions shall be made.

Does business analytics in the computing cloud offer more possibilities?

The fact itself of identifying the trends and dependencies between the data is not enough. Analyses will not deliver business value until they are used to make decisions that will generate the expected value. SAS has spent years trying to utilize and share data to analysts or data science specialists in such a manner that they could see what could be of value. Work on increasingly more data today can make final decisions more correlated with new events whose analysis was limited by technology.

Differences and dependencies between data

What are the differences between traditional and cloud analytical systems — if any? Does shifting into cloud imply loss of sovereignty? An attempt to find answers to those and other questions was made by Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, responsible for DataOps and Data Science for Central and Eastern Europe at IBM, and Michał Wysocki, Incube CPM expert for development and maintenance of projects based on IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics and OneStream Software. During the Best in Cloud conference, held on 12 May 2022, the participants raised questions whose main area of focus were data and possibilities of their monetization using analytics.

The message of the presentation was clear. It is well worth analysing data and it is well worth analysing data using cloud. More information about the conference are available here.