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ESG strategy and ESG consulting

Substantive and technical support conducted by a team of ESG experts. Check how we can help you.
We support our clients in the entire process of integrating ESG / sustainable development issues into the organization’s activities, but also with individual elements.

Sustainability development activities should be structured, continuous and long-term. They include elements such as creating an ESG strategy, ESG reporting, but also dialogue with stakeholders and responding to their expectations.

Our team has many years of experience both on the consulting side and on the side of developing the subject of sustainable development within enterprises. We support organizations both in business development in a sustainable manner and in adapting to regulations.

The process of integrating ESG / Sustainable Development into the activities of enterprises and organizations

The first step is to check which sustainability issues are or should be important to the organization.
with stakeholders
It is important to know the perspective of stakeholders, what are their expectations towards the organization.
with stakeholders
Based on materiality analysis and dialogue with stakeholders, checking where we have gaps in relation to processes, policies or other elements related to sustainable development.
Creating of
ESG Strategy
Based on the previous steps of the process, creating an ESG / Sustainable Development Strategy with measurable goals that will meet the needs of the company as well as stakeholders. It is crucial that the ESG/sustainable development strategy is part of the business strategy, is coherent and integrated with it.
Creating of
ESG Strategy
the implementation
of the ESG Strategy
Control of the implementation of the ESG Strategy / sustainable development, introducing possible changes and corrections to the strategy.
Sustainability reporting is one of the key elements of the process, the report should enable the organization to be assessed in terms of managing its impact, risks and opportunities.
ESG Reporting
A well-executed ESG/Sustainability Reporting Verification confirms that our disclosures are correct and well calculated.

Examples of ESG consulting and support

Double Materiality Assessment
  • Determining sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Assessing materiality in two dimensions (impact and financial)
  • Selection of relevant themes and sustainability issues
Dialogue with stakeholders
  • Survey
  • Dialogue session
  • Online dialogue session
  • Structured interviews
ESG / sustainable development strategy
  • Defining important topics
  • Selection of priorities/strategic directions
  • Setting measurable goals
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategy monitoring
ESG / sustainability reporting
  • Double materiality assessment
  • Selection of relevant topics and indicators
  • Data collection
  • Creation of final report content
  • External verification

Double Materiality Assessment of ESG issues / Sustainable Development

One of the key elements of preparing both the ESG/sustainability strategy and the sustainability report in accordance with the CSRD and ESRS is assessing the relevance of sustainability issues for the organization.

Double Materiality Assessment should be carried out in two dimensions:

  • impact materiality – assessment of how the organization currently affects or may affect the issues of sustainable development and financial materiality
  • assessment of how sustainability issues currently affect or may affect the financial results of the organization

Double Materiality Assessment allows you to determine which sustainability topics are crucial for the organization and on which it should focus both when building its ESG/sustainability strategy and, consequently, in ESG/sustainability reporting.

We support our clients in carrying out a comprehensive Double Materiality Assessment.

Dialogue with stakeholders

Dialogue with stakeholders is one of the key elements of building relationships, and creating ESG/ Sustainable Development strategy or an ESG/ Sustainable Development report, but in order to build these relationships, you must first determine who the key stakeholders in the organization are. That is why we help clients identify, map and then select key stakeholders.

Dialogue with stakeholders can take place in different forms, frequencies and with the participation of different stakeholder groups. As part of the support, we can offer various forms of dialogue with stakeholders, adapting to the requirements and needs of the organization.

Examples of dialogue forms:

Online dialogue session
Live dialogue session
Structured interviews

ESG / Sustainable Development strategy

Constantly emerging new challenges as well as different expectations of various stakeholder groups in the field of sustainable development also make creation necessary and implementation in organizations of strategies that respond to these expectations and needs.

A well-planned, thought-out, properly arranged and monitored ESG/ Sustainable Development strategy related or integrated with the business strategy is currently one of the key elements of companies wanting to operate in a sustainable manner.

ESG / Sustainable Development reporting according to CSRD and other standards

In November 2022, the Council of the European Union finally approved the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

The entry into force of the new reporting obligations is divided into four stages:

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) was responsible for developing the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). The standards were adopted by the European Commission by way of a delegated act and are available here:

The new reporting obligation may bring many challenges for organizations that will be obliged to disclose information on sustainable development. We support organizations in carrying out the entire reporting process, starting from its planning and arrangement, through involvement in all subsequent elements of the process, to the creation of the final report.

We can also include our support during individual steps in the process, such as:

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