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Change the way you view and run your business.
Plan intelligently!
Large corporations and companies struggle with various problems. Managing business processes is not that simple. Enterprises often spend multi-million dollar budgets on management applications supporting their business lines (ERP, supply chain, HR, sales planning). The necessary programs must have a business intelligence layer (BI, Business Intelligence) or analytical tools that aggregate and organize business data into elegant dashboards and reports. Despite the nice "case", the reality is not so beautiful - very often managers and supervisors have to manually collect the necessary answers and data. So automation doesn't work. Anaplan is a company that offers hassle-free applications where such errors do not occur. They bring order to the company and facilitate strategy and operations. Incube CPM especially recommends the Connected Planning Platform tool.

Connected Planning Platform (from Anaplan) is a market-leading cloud-based application for entrepreneurs. It brings spectacular results - with its presence, companies from various industries change the way they perceive and plan business, and drive business efficiency. The tool is based on Polaris Calculation™ and Hyperblock® technologies.

The platform allows you to model what-if scenarios, add real-time performance context, and forecast future results to make faster and more confident decisions.


Easy integration with other platforms
The tool from Anaplan easily integrates with major enterprise technology platforms, e.g. Google Cloud, Salesforce, and Adobe. The unification of various programs allows for an efficient, comprehensive approach to financial planning and forecasting.
responsywny system
Scalable, responsive documentation system
The program owes much to its reliable, accurate, traceable documentation system. The formation ensures quick implementation and accountability. It allows you to eliminate unnecessary work or unnecessary confusion during planning.
czas rzeczywisty
Create models of your company's current operations in real time
A model of how your business operates can be shared seamlessly. Build and test scenarios to illuminate blind spots and hidden opportunities. Models connect operational data directly with BI dashboards and analytics. Agilely adapt your strategy to your desired outcome.
sztuczna inteligencja
Harness the power of predictive artificial intelligence
Anaplan's AI-powered predictive analytics tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for richer analysis of company data. It integrates signals (coming from the enterprise) with inputs from around the world. Discover unexplored possibilities and new directions of development.
Cloud-based planning platform
Anaplan's Connected Planning Platform is a better way to increase the business value of your company. Connect employees with plans and data. The tool focuses on coordinating enterprise performance in close collaboration with other functions and departments (e.g. HR, sales, marketing, supply chain). Anaplan clears up the mess between functional applications and analytical tools.


Anaplan is a tool for:

  • Planning, budgeting, and financial forecasting,
  • Operational planning,
  • Specialized finance,
  • Sales planning and operations,
  • Supply planning (supply chain),
  • Demand and sales planning (demand planning).

Who will benefit from the Connected Planning Platform?

Recognition for Anaplan in the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report

Research results showed that Anaplan customers achieved a return on investment of 30% over 3 years. This highlights the uniqueness of this platform. Save time and money - thanks to a tool that organizes your data and allows you to conduct predictive analyses.
Want to learn how long-time Anaplan customers have used Connected Planning to make real-time decisions, drive stable and predictable revenue growth, reduce costs, optimize their workforce, and better adapt to uncertainty and constant change? Read the study.

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