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Internal audit ready for the digital age?

21 February 2022 | EN News

Technological transformation and data-rich business have created a new reality in which enterprises operate. As many as 77% of them equate digitization with increased efficiency. Working in companies undergoing digital transformation processes, internal auditors are now more integrated and have access to an increasing amount of corporate data.

Do you know the opportunities created by the digital age for the internal auditor and are you making full use of them? What new competences does the business expect from you? What are the risks? How do others deal with digital challenges in the area of ​​internal audit? We will try to answer these and other questions during the Internal Auditors Forum 2022, which will be held on April 6-7, 2022. Krzysztof Kowal, CEO of Incube CPM will take part in the opening discussion of this event, in a lecture together with Katarzyna Włodarska, EY Academy trainer of Business. Automation, robotization, artificial intelligence … – what is it about and how will it affect the scope of the internal auditor’s work? – is a topic of discussion during the event.

I invite you to participate in the conference, where you will also learn:

  • How access to data changes the auditor’s job
  • Retraining and improving skills. What new competencies will the business requirements from the auditor
  • Digital transformation as a source of new risks in business
  • A new model of digital leadership and governance – how digital transformation changes strategy and management style
  • Trends and innovations in internal audit
  • The most common audit errors – how to avoid failures

If you want to register for an event, you can do so here