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How to ensure the highest quality of financial data? Meet OneStream

11 May 2021 | EN Planning & Analysis

CFOs and their teams have to face the many challenges of an ever-evolving world. One of them is to ensure the highest quality of financial data. Fortunately, they can count on the support of the most modern systems that make everyday work much easier. Meet the comprehensive OneStream platform – a breakthrough solution that will take your company’s finances to the next level.

Financial hurdle race

Chief Financial Officer is one of the most demanding positions in any organization. Each CFO has to face unique challenges resulting from the characteristics of a given organization. They usually belong to those three categories:

  • External, macroeconomic challenges – e.g. uncertain economic conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Challenges within the organization;
  • Stakeholders’ expectations.

Don’t let your financial decisions be driven by bad data

One of the biggest challenges for every CFO is to provide the highest quality of financial data. The pressure to provide up-to-date and correct data is enormous. Financial data quality is not an option – it’s a requirement in today’s corporate reporting environment where errors or omissions in financial statements can result in compliance penalties, loss of confidence by stakeholders and often a reduction in market value How to ensure best financial data quality?

Don’t riskchoose a safe solution

OneStream is a modern, consistent platform for enterprise performance management in the cloud. It is also a proven alternative to fragmented legacy applications, designed to simplify processes in the most sophisticated global enterprises.

How OneStream supports CFOs?

  • It streamlines financial close and consolidation while meeting complex global accounting and reporting requirements,
  • It facilitates planning, budgeting and forecasting,
  • It provides comprehensive reports and analyzes,
  • It manages the quality of financial data.

Financial Data Quality Features of OneStream:

  • Read any GL trial balance file or report in any format
  • Direct Integration for any open ERP or data source
  • Pre-consolidation mapping and intersection validation
  • Post-consolidation validation and confirmation
  • Manage the close by requiring completeness and accuracy
  • Bi-directional status updates of data collection and cube changes
  • Email or text error alerts
  • Complete audit trails from 10-K/10-Q
  • Drill through to source GL or ERP data
  • Drill downs from calculated and aggregated accounts
  • Phased submissions

Choose OneStream and enjoy numerous benefits

Over 70% of customers have replaced legacy Oracle Hyperion applications, SAP BPC and Tagetik with OneStream solution!

What are the benefits of using OneStream Software Services?

  • Reduction of time, effort and TCO of CPM applications;
  • Enabling more informed decisions by enriching the current knowledge of executives and managers;
  • Increasing the productivity of the financial team by automating routine tasks and processes;
  • Increasing business efficiency by using new opportunities and reducing risk;
  • Increasing revenue, reduce costs and optimize your overall business performance.

It’s time for a change. Choose Incube CPM – OneStream’s strategic partner in Central and Eastern Europe. Modernize your finances and gain market advantage. Find out more.